Y’all know I’m in love with Passion Planner and that I use it every day for my business, blog, and personal life. Recently, I went through a Passion Planner identity crisis when my virtual assistant business stopped fitting into one planner in between all my blog stuff, personal life events, and side projects. Now I have one planner for personal/blog stuff and one planner for business.

So what’s so huge that I need a second planner? There’s lots of stuff I’m doing in my business planner! Here are 10 ways I’m using Passion Planner for business.

#1. Keep Track of Appointments + To-Dos

This is the most basic function of Passion Planner. It has beautiful weekly layouts with time slots from 6AM to 10PM,¬†as well as to-do sections for personal and work tasks. Keep track of your schedule – all those important events, meetings, calls and appointments. If you’re feeling REALLY organized, try block scheduling – setting aside chunks of time to work on a particular task or set of related tasks.

#2. Set BIG Business Goals – And Make Them Happen!

One of the first steps you take when you open your fresh, crisp Passion Planner is creating your Passion Road Map. It’s a mind map of the things you want to accomplish over the next 3 months, 1 year, 3 years, and in your lifetime. If you’re using your planner for business, this is THE place to set those GIGANTIC goals for your business. Where do you want your business to be in a year? THINK BIG. This is the place to dream all those things that seem impossible now.

Then you pick a GAME CHANGER. This is the goal that’s going to have the most positive impact on your business and get you one step closer to making those huge dreams possible. Then you break the game changer into smaller goals and space them out throughout 3 months or 6 months or a year to keep you on track!

#3. Track Ad Campaigns

This is something I’ve started doing in the monthly layouts. I want to track which dates my ads, campaigns, or other promotional efforts are running (I highlight this in the dates of the monthly calendar), how many leads I got from them, and how many new clients came out if it. Then I use that info to assess and improve my marketing strategies.

planner for business

#4. Motivate Yourself to Market

Each day, I try to do 3 things to market my business. I write these down in my Passion Planner to keep myself motivated and to say to myself, “Yes! I AM working on my business!” It’s also cool to pat yourself on the back when you see $$ coming from all those little 3-bulleted lists you’ve been making each day.

#5. Do Those Follow Ups!

I’ve started writing all my follow up activities – calls, meetings, emails, messages – from Zoho CRM into my Passion Planner so I REMEMBER to touch base with leads and prospective clients. If you don’t water the seeds, they don’t grow. If you don’t have CRM software, you can use Passion Planner as a kind of basic CRM. Who contacted you? When? What do you need to do to follow up?

#6. Mind Map Your Projects

Mind maps are great for those days when you need ideas now, but your juicy creative thoughts aren’t coming. Stick a word or a phrase in the middle and start drawing lines coming out of it. Make those big categories. Make smaller ideas off of those. It really gets you thinking in an intuitive way and before you know it, you’ll have a whole page of ideas to work with.

#7. Figure Out How Much You Work – And How Much $$ You Make

I realized recently that I only track my time for clients who pay hourly. I don’t track packages. I don’t track time spent marketing or doing administrative tasks. I have no idea how much time I actually spend on my business. I am remedying this by tracking it and writing the number of hours worked into my Passion Planner each day. This helps me in three ways:

  • I can figure out if I need to spend more time on my business.
  • I can find a balance – am I working TOO much?
  • I can figure out exactly how much I’m making per hour for the actual number of hours I’m working and adjust my rates accordingly.

#8. Form Good Habits

I draw habit trackers in the graph paper at the back of my Passion Planner. I do this both for my personal life and my business. I track things that I want to do daily like follow ups, networking in Facebook groups and uploading new content to my social media schedulers. You can literally track ANYTHING you want to do daily for your business. It feels good to check those little boxes off and see what a rock star you actually are!

#9. Take Meeting Notes

Aside from having loads of features that make it a good planner for business – like guided goal setting and segmented to-do lists – Passion Planner has blank pages and graph pages in the back. Use these for meeting notes, doodles, or diagrams. My favorite thing of the moment? Sketching sales funnels!

#10. Practice Self-Care

Entrepreneurs neglect self-care. This seems to be the norm. With Passion Planner, you can easily block off times for self-care activities or track them in a habit tracker. You need to be priority #1 in your business. If you flourish, your business follows.

Haven’t tried Passion Planner yet? You can download it for FREE on their website to print it and try it out or get a hardcopy at 10% off using the code AMBERMC10 at checkout.

What’s helped you most with keep your business on track?