We all hit points in which our business is uninspiring. Business is sort of like a marriage – you always love it, but there are going to be times you don’t feel all gushy about – or even LIKE – your business.

There are 3 main reasons business becomes boring:

  • It’s slow – when there are no new clients, there are no new challenges or people to interact with.
  • It’s stagnant – you don’t have any new projects, and your old ones are either completed, stale, or the not working.
  • It’s uninspiring – you aren’t taking in new ideas or learning new skills.

Believe me, it’s OK, and it doesn’t last forever, but if you’re feeling like it’s dragging you down, here are 4 things to do when your business gets boring that will help speed up the process of reinspiring you.

Market in a new way.

Try something different. Network in Facebook groups. Host a webinar or a giveaway. Create an irresistible freebie or content upgrade. Find a way to reach new clients, different clients, or more of your ideal clients. For an extensive list of different marketing tactics to try, check out this article from by Regina.

Create a new product or service.

When is the last time you updated your services or added something new and enticing? Maybe it’s time to create something new with your ideal client in mind. Maybe you need some kind of signature method or package that sets your brand apart. Time to sit down for a brainstorming session!

Learn something new.

If things are feeling stale, bring something new to the table. I was so inspired by a webinar about launches from Evolve and Succeed that I am planning my first launch in April for my virtual assistant services and it’s directed at EXACTLY the people I want to work with right now. Watch a webinar. Take an e-course. Read a how-to book or an inspiring, kickass personal development book like You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero (affiliate). If you keep growing, your business will grow with you.

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Find someone to work with on a project. Co-host a webinar. Swap blog posts. Cross-promote services. Start up an online mastermind or a Facebook group. Two heads are better than one when it comes to breaking out of a business funk. Need some ideas to get you started? This post lists ways for bloggers to collaborate with each other.


I’d love to hear about a time you overcame the business blues and reinspired yourself – share with me! Or if you’re in the throes of being bored with your biz, reach out in the comments or via email and we’ll brainstorm!