For most people, their ideal life doesn’t just happen. They have to create it. You have to create it. There are so many ways to do that, and the road to the life you want is always full of setbacks, mistakes, and disappointments – that’s how we grow – but it’s the road you have to travel if you want to make your vision for your life a real thing.

This is what I’m working on now, alongside my husband.

While there are so many things that could be said about how to start this journey, here are 5 tips for creating a life you love:

Set goals.

You know how I mentioned making your vision a reality? That’s the thing: If you want a life you love, you have to know what that looks like. Is it lounging on a beach somewhere tropical or curled up with your dog and a good book on a Saturday night? Are you working for yourself or for someone else? Where do you live? What do you do?

Setting goals helps clarify your vision and form a path to make it happen. We all need a plan. Creating a spectacular life that makes you excited to live it isn’t something you should be winging.

Love yourself first.

It isn’t selfish, it’s good sense. If you love yourself first and put your well-being first, you can give to and do for others with 100% of your effort. If you are sick, tired, miserable, depressed, or oozing negativity, you cannot give back to others fully. We all have a million commitments, projects, and obligations, but if you don’t make time for yourself, you will never be completely able to invest in them. Love yourself first.

Maintain connections.

A lonely life is not a happy life. Maintaining connections with people who are a positive force in your life is vital to creating a life you love. Make time for social events, even when you’re busy. Have regular girls nights or a set time you meet with your bestie for coffee every week. On the flip side, cut out the toxic influences. The people who don’t support you or try to drag you down aren’t your tribe.

Give back.

Don’t hoard the wealth and happiness for yourself. Be kind. Give back to other people. Donate your money, time, voice – whatever you have to give – to a cause. Be a positive force in a negative world. Spread joy and acceptance instead of hate and judgment. There’s enough of that already. And for Pete’s sake, stop using social media as an avenue of negativity. There’s enough of that too. Uphold your beliefs – always, always, always – but keep it positive.

Work on your own terms.

Working on your own terms looks different for everyone. Some people love going into work, punching a clock, then coming home at the end of the day and shutting work off and living their life. My husband is like that. I figured out, after many years of being a shitty and unhappy employee, that I can’t thrive working for someone else. Employment under someone else just isn’t part of my vision for a life I love. Entrepreneurship was my gateway to working on my own terms. You need to do what feels right for the life and lifestyle you desire.

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