Tips for a Successful Workation


Truth: Vacations stress me out. The work before and after overloads me. There’s that saying that you should create a life you don’t have to take vacations from, but even the happiest people need some time away from their jobs to decompress and enjoy themselves.¬†While I understand the importance, the prep before and reintegration into my daily routines after overwhelm me.…

A Peek at My Daily Routine

daily routine

Do you ever wish you had a glimpse into other people’s days? I often wonder how people spend their time and get things done, especially other entrepreneurs. Everyone has their own daily routine that works for them and that includes me.

One thing that I’ve had to learn over the past few months is that life happens and my plan for the day won’t always (or even usually) go as planned.…

Side Hustles You Can Start for Less Than $100

side hustles you can start for less than 100

Side hustling – I love it so much, I think everyone should be doing it! There are so many ways to generate a little extra income here and there, or even make it into a part-time job. My side hustle as a virtual assistant actually grew into a full-time business!

Whether you’re paying for your kid’s activities, saving for vacation, or are having a tough financial time and truly need the extra to pay your bills, side hustling opens up a world of extra funds if you find something you like and can commit your time to.…

Updated Passion Planner Review

passion planner review

Hey there! It’s been a little while since I’ve had a chance to post, but I’m back today with an updated Passion Planner review. I am in LOVE with this planner and using it for the second year in a row. That’s EPIC considering I used to planner hop a lot in search of the perfect way to organize all my thoughts and projects.…

Inspiration Friday

Hey boss babes! I’m here to talk to you about having multiple projects and passions this Inspiration Friday…and about why it’s OK not to be inspired all the time! Check out the video below:

It’s great to have multiple projects as long as you have balance and support. Have all the projects!…

4 Things to Do When Your Business Gets Boring

things to do when your business is boring

We all hit points in which our business is uninspiring. Business is sort of like a marriage – you always love it, but there are going to be times you don’t feel all gushy about – or even LIKE – your business.

There are 3 main reasons business becomes boring:

  • It’s slow – when there are no new clients, there are no new challenges or people to interact with.

Daring Women Wednesday – Interviewing Myself!

Hey ladies! Today I’m doing something a little different. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Daring Women Wednesday interview, and I want to revive them. I thought I would start today by interviewing, well…me. It occurred to me that I’ve never really talked in detail about what I do and how I got here on my blog, so today I’m sharing with you – and with a video as well!…