Hey everyone! Can you believe we’re almost halfway through July already? Summer goes too fast. This summer has been AMAZING for me so far because I’m working on so many exciting projects. One of the most fun has been reviving Daring Women Wednesday and lining up some inspiring interviews for you over the next few months.

Today’s Daring Woman is Cherie Tan, a long-time entrepreneur who is leaving her mark on the internet in some fabulous ways. She’s serving up some serious business wisdom today, so keep reading!

What is your business and how long have you been living the entrepreneur life?

I run a digital strategy team that covers all aspects of development, design, and online strategies (marketing strategy and operations). I’m also the co-founder of WithAva.co, a lingerie brand, responsible for tech and marketing lead. I have been freelancing at the age of 14, so that’s about 10 years of entrepreneur life.

What excites you most about your work?

By beginning with the end in mind, the “end” is what keeps me most excited about my work – to imagine how many lives and businesses I’ve helped impacted through my work makes this incredibly exciting and motivating. Aside from that, the hustling, the people I get to meet – people from all walks of life, with different stories of successes, failures.

What’s the hardest part?

Getting over the mental barrier that tells me I cannot achieve more than I can right now. Some days, this gets incredibly difficult, especially when one has a lot in mind – family and personal matters, finances and budgeting, debt. Some days, it’s tempting to just waste the entire night watching Romantic Comedies and binge eat on ice cream all night, and, let’s be honest, this happens once in a while. The toughest part comes in pulling yourself back together AND learning to ignore everything else except the end goal which you wish to and are working towards to achieve,

What does it mean to you to work on your own terms? What inspired you to do so?

Working on my own terms translates to being able to fully dictate and plan my future – how I want it to be, how I’d like my name to go down in history, how many lives I would be able to impact positively. In other words, to have things work the way I would like it to work – to benefit myself, and the people around the world.

Life itself is an inspiration. For most of us, we’re fortunate enough to be born with an able body and mind. What we do with it depends on our choices and beliefs. Just knowing this reminds me and inspires me to build my path the way I want it to be, because I am fortunate and blessed enough to be able to do. I have the basic necessities I need in life and a healthy body and mind, so what more can I ask for to be blessed with?

When did you know this is what you’re supposed to be doing with your life?

When I decided for it to be.

Tell us 3 lessons you’ve learned through entrepreneurship.

People will doubt you – that matters little. You will doubt yourself – that matters A LOT. Lesson one’s to stop doubting yourself.

Hustling is not glamourous as much as it is portrayed to be. You will have to give up things – luxuries, hair and nail spa days, time spent with family and loved ones, great holiday destinations and accommodations, etc. So stop pretending to lead a wonderful life when you’re hustling to grow your business or to make ends meet. Be humble – very humble.

You need time for yourself. You need to be able to reset, refresh, and rejuvenate. This is something you only learn to appreciate once you’ve hit the boiling point in your entrepreneurial journey where: you’re in financial debt, nothing is working out, and you’re starting to count every single penny you have left for the rest of the months you intend to remain unemployed.

What is your biggest goal over the next year and how do you plan to achieve it?

Automate most of my business’s day-to-day operations and proceed with building something that would bring a larger, more positive impact to the people around the world with Weevur: an online platform for live tutoring and online courses, with the goal to provide access to quality education to every person on the planet and bridge the widening education gap.

What advice would you give to other women who want to create a life they love and are passionate about through entrepreneurship?

Stop caring so much about what society thinks about women in entrepreneurship. Hustle your way through. The only person stopping you in your tracks is in fact yourself – the mental barrier, the actions you choose to take and not to take.

Recommend something that has shaped your business.

My amazing team – meticulous, honest, hardworking and always curious, ready to learn. The individual players that make up the team, the partners I work with, and co-founders are the ones who have shaped my business, and I’m very grateful to have such wonderful key players!

Thank you so much, Cherie, for joining us on Amber Uninhibited and sharing your experiences so honestly and openly.

You can connect with Cherie on her website, Twitter, or LinkedIn to learn more about what she’s working on and how she’s rocking business in the digital world.

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