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This week I’m featuring Lise Galipeau, an entrepreneur who I have had the pleasure of sitting down with for virtual coffee. Lise is one of the most fun, bubbly, and creative people I have had the pleasure of meeting in the business world – and she’s an amazing web designer!

What do you do and how long have you been doing it?

I’m a WordPress web designer, specifically using the Genesis Framework and Genesis themes.  I have been designing/customizing websites for over 10 years.

What excites you most about your work?

Oh boy, let me see.  I love how I can transform a site with just using CSS and a great theme.  I love CSS, it’s my favorite tool.  I get a lot of satisfaction from hearing my clients tell me, “Wow! I love my site’s new look.”  Every new project is exciting because I get to do it all over again.  And I really like helping others with simple design changes they can make themselves and understanding Wordpress.

What’s the hardest part?

I would say the fact that I don’t have any friends around me who can relate to what I do.  Not having anyone I can have coffee with to discuss our work,our frustrations and brainstorm… someone that speaks the same ‘online’ language LOL – That’s why belonging to great Facebook groups helps, plus I have an internet friend and we chat almost every day, but she lives in Texas and I’m near Montreal, Quebec.  It would still be nice to have someone nearby.

What does it mean to you to work on your own terms?

It means that I decide when and how long I want to work. It has happened that I couldn’t sleep because my brain was working, so I got up and went to work, in my basement where my office is.  That was at 1am!  It means I don’t have to get dressed to go to work, if I don’t want to. I have very comfy p.j.’s.  It means I have my own money to buy stuff I want, not necessarily what I need :).  It means I can do my work wherever I want.

What inspired you to do so?

Actually it was a fluke.  When I was 52, I took stock of my life and decided I had hopefully another 20 years I could do what I wanted to keep myself busy and have fun.  I started using non-toxic products from Melaleuca, and introducing others to these products as well. After 2 years,  I decided I was going to learn how to build a website so I could reach more people. I signed up for a course online and it took me 6 months to learn html and have a live website, which was born in July of 2001.
Here’s a screenshot from September 2002, from the Wayback Machine:




I knew nothing of SEO and I’m not even sure it did exist then, but I kept writing pages on different topics.  I started a newsletter and got it to around 500 subscribers. I would tweak the code to make changes and that’s how the site and I evolved.  I kept learning new tricks and this is the last screenshot of how it looked:




I loved it all and the best part, I was doing it from home.

When did you know that this is what you were supposed to be doing with your life?

When I took the course on how to build a website, I actually learned how to code a site (I was a coder at my age!), using html and tables, which was normal at that time. Then I would see more and more articles on CSS, which would replace tables and OMG! I was hooked on CSS.  But it was when a subscriber of my newsletter asked me if I could redesign her website that I knew this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, until I can’t do it anymore.

What inspires you most in your life right now?

All you young entrepreneurs that make it happen with your blogs/websites, some combining motherhood and business, finding ways to work on your own terms.  All these talented women inspire me and I’m so happy that the internet makes it possible for anyone to start a blog/website/business online and not have to rely on a 9-5 job.

Name 3 ways you’ve been changed by this work or 3 lessons you have learned.

  1. If we put our minds to it, we can learn something new at any age.
  2. Doing something you love and you’re passionate about makes all the difference in the world.  I hate cooking with a passion LOL but I love web design with a passion and I would be online 24 hours if I could.  Others love cooking but hate the internet (What??I know right!).  So do what makes you happy.
  3. This work brings me more satisfaction, validation and joy than any other work I have done in my life before. It keeps my brain young, if not the other parts of my body LOL.

What is your biggest goal over the next year?

To help more women with their WordPress site and design.

What advice would you give to other women who want to work on their own terms and create a life they’re passionate and excited about?

Just as Nike says: Just Do It!

Recommend something that has shaped you in your business.

One product that truly impacted my work is Genesis.  When I started using the  Genesis Framework and Studiopress themes , my work became easier and lots of fun.  Since the code is solid, I’m not worried. Their themes vary in layout, so I can recommend one that is best for the client and start customizing right away, and most of the time the turn around is a week or less.
Here’s a screenshot of Lise’s gorgeous website now!




You can view Lise’s portfolio or follow her on Facebook or Pinterest. She even offers freebies, if you’re interested in learning more about WordPress design!

Thank you, Lise, for sharing your story with us!


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