Hey Daring Women! I hope you’re all having a happy hump day and that your Thanksgiving is AWESOME tomorrow. Be safe if you’re out in the Black Friday madness. I’ll be huddled at home eating chicken dip with my husband and doing some VA work to avoid the crowds.

Today Tuula joins us to talk about how she uses her creativity to work on her own terms. It was such a pleasure reading her interview. Thanks Tuula!

What do you do and how long have you been doing it?

I create knitting and crochet tutorial videos and patterns and have craft blogs. I left my job as web design teacher this summer to pursue crafts through social media full time. I have had my blogs and YouTube channel for many years but never had time to concentrate on them.

What excites you most about your work?

Having time to concentrate on what I love. Constantly thinking of new projects. Seeing many people use and share those ideas and have fun and feel good about themselves in being able to make something beautiful for themselves or others.

What’s the hardest part?

At the moment when this is new, time management is the hardest. There are also so many directions I could go and I’m not yet sure what will be my main focus. I am also learning that very easily all that needs to be done in social media takes up too much time. So I need to learn to automate more and set times when I use it.

What does it mean to you to work on your own terms? What inspired you to do so?

One of the main reasons was that I wanted to be free to live in different places. I have lived many years in Ireland, in central Europe and Finland with my family. Now that my family is grown up and I live alone I wanted to combine spending time in different places and doing what I love most. At the moment I’m staying a month in Ireland. But I also wanted to leave a job that I felt I had done for too long (15 years) and felt I had nothing more to give to. I realised that now in my 50’s there isn’t an endless amont of time to start doing what I really want to do.

When did you know that this is what you were supposed to be doing with your life?

I suppose I have always known! I have done crafts since I was 5 and already at age 11-12 was making things for other people and creating my own patterns. I have also been trained in it (BA, designer craftsman in textiles) and have been a full time craftsperson at one stage of my life over 20 years ago.  But I chose teaching partly as an easier means to get a regular income. I do also love web design, image processing etc and they come in handy in what I do now.

What inspires you most in your life right now?

Christmas 🙂 I have always loved it and love to create patterns for Christmas decorations and make them.

Name a few ways you’ve been changed by this work or 3 lessons you have learned.

  • I’m able to be much more creative without the stress from my day job. Creativity needs time, the feeling of being  free and not pressed down under demands.
  • Every morning I wake up excited about the things I can do on that day.

What is your biggest goal over the next year?

To try out different ways of doing my work and find out what to concentrate on. Decide exactly what I will spend most of my time doing.

What advice would you give to other women who want to work on their own terms and create a life they’re passionate and excited about?

There are so many possibilities now worldwide over social media. Just jump and start doing it! Don’t wait too long! But find out enough about all kinds of practicalities while you are still in a job. Like taxes, insurances, pension, copyright issues etc.

Recommend something that has shaped you in your business.

Impossible to name one. There are so many, I pick up important information from here and there – FB groups, many many blogs, Pinterest, official websites. It is like a ladder. You get one step from one place, another somewhere else. There have been so many WOW instances in the last few months that have helped me on.

You can learn more about Tuula and her beautiful creations on her YouTube channel and Instagram. Read her blogs in Finnish or English and check out more crafty goodness on Pinterest.


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