How I Schedule Spontaneity

schedule spontaneity


I am not spontaneous. It’s kind of funny, considering I married someone who is 100% okay with not knowing what he’s doing tomorrow, or even this evening. Not having a schedule or a plan makes me crazy, and I lamented to my business group ladies that I feel bad sometimes that I’m not more spontaneous. Wouldn’t life be more fun?


Their answer? Schedule spontaneity.


That’s a contradiction, right? Well, not entirely. For those of us who can’t stand not having a plan, planning for spontaneity gives us a safe space to go with the flow.

There are two ways that I schedule spontaneity: blocks of open time and no schedule days.


Blocks of Open Time

Blocks of open time are things that I try to fit into my calendar on most days. Whether it’s an hour or two downtime at lunch or my after-work time in the evening, I try not to schedule anything for at least a few hours a day. If you wonder what I mean by not scheduling ANYTHING, let me explain that there have been nights that I’ve gotten off work and my schedule looks like this:

6PM Clean

6:30PM Work on my novel

8:00PM Scrapbook until bedtime

I might do those things anyway, even if my hours look open in my planner. That’s not the point. The point is that I didn’t commit to doing any specific activities within those open times. I’m free to change my mind or decide that I’m too tired and play on Pinterest for 2 hours on my couch. The idea is to let yourself be open to whatever whims come along during those open spaces in your schedule.


No Schedule Days

I first heard about no schedule days through Michele Christensen (OneNoteBulletJournal on Instagram). She schedules days in which she doesn’t schedule anything at all! The idea was so simple and so brilliant that it completely changed the way I treat days off. I used to fill days off with stuff I couldn’t get done during the rest of the week. Now I write NO SCHEDULE in the little “today’s focus” box in my Passion Planner and give myself the freedom to not worry about what I’m doing for a day! It’s the ultimate day off.


Whether I make a few hours of free, unstructured time during the day or I give myself whole days off in which I don’t plan what I’ll do ahead of time, it’s important to me to schedule spontaneity. Life is a lot more fun when I surprise myself sometimes!

Do you struggle with being spontaneous? What do you do to be more free and uninhibited by your schedule?

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