A couple months ago, I talked about why I love being multipassionate. Some people have one, true, heart-filling passion in life, which is wonderful! Some of us don’t, and that’s OK too.

My passions ebb and flow, change and evolve. Right now, my passions, interests, and projects are divided between:

  • Rebranding and expanding my virtual assistant business
  • Revising the novel I wrote for NaNoWriMo
  • Taming my lovebirds
  • Learning two languages
  • Fitness
  • Writing letters to friends around the world
  • This blog and my lifestyle blog

Plus, I see massage therapy clients and do ACTUAL client work as a virtual assistant. That’s a lot, right?

If your list of everything you love right now looks similar and you are freaking out about how to fit it all into your day, never fear! I’m about to tell you how I squeeze most of that into 24 hours.


#1. Block schedule.

I talked about block scheduling here and here, but it’s worth mentioning again. Set aside time to do related tasks. For example, I schedule two hour blocks to work on nothing but blogging tasks, including writing posts, scheduling social media, and commenting on other blogs. Block scheduling will help you keep your focus instead of flitting from one project to the next.


#2. Get up earlier in the morning.

I hear some groans from the non-morning people. I didn’t used to be a morning person either, but I forced myself to get up a little earlier each day until it was habit. Now I get up between 5AM and 6AM. It is a hard, unpleasant truth, but you NEED extra hours if you have more projects than the average person. If you don’t want to put in the extra hours, prioritize your passions differently or let some things go.


#3. Prioritize.

If I had to arrange that list above from most important to least important, it would look like this:

  1. Rebranding my virtual assistant business
  2. This blog and my lifestyle blog
  3. Learning two languages
  4. Taming my lovebirds
  5. Fitness
  6. Writing letters
  7. Revising my novel

Guess which three things on my list I don’t do every day?

In my perfect world where none of my plans ever go awry, I do VA work, blog, practice German and Spanish, and work with my lovebirds every day.

Sometimes things go horribly wrong or a client has a massive emergency that I need to take care of or I wander over to my in-laws’ house and get distracted reading picture books with my nieces. Life happens. When life isn’t crazy, I make those top 4 things part of my normal routine. I block times off in my planner each day for them.

I workout every other day. I write to my friends and revise my novel about once a week. I have other interests, like scrapbooking that I do even less – about once a month.

It is OK not to squeeze all your interests into EVERY day. Pick what’s most important and make it part of your daily routine. Schedule the rest when you have free time.


#4. Don’t monetize all your interests.

I think multipassionate entrepreneurs are prone to wanting to make money off of all the things they love. I mean, who wouldn’t want to do things they’re passionate about and make money? The problem is when you try to make money at EVERYTHING you love. It’s overwhelming and unrealistic. Pick one or two things you love (and maybe a 3rd side hustle that you do once in awhile, if you really can’t choose) and let the rest stay hobbies. Not all things are fun once they become work.

Marie Forleo has a great video about this – see #5 on her list.

So while I’d love to be a portrait photographer – writer – massage therapist – virtual assistant – business coach – German teacher – English tutor, that’s simply impossible.

Bonus tip: If you have many passions and interests, choose related ones when you’re creating a business. I can certainly be a writer – virtual assistant – business coach and have that make sense to my clients.


Don’t panic if you have a lot you love. Go ahead and experiment. Try things out. Commit for awhile, and if your interests change, let them go. You get to decide how you live your life and what passions you pursue, and while you can’t fit it ALL into 24 hours, you can fit a lot in with a little organization and time management – WITHOUT going crazy.

I would love to hear about how you’re making all your passions fit into your life. Connect with me on Facebook or Twitter!