I’m publishing something on a Sunday…how weird is that? The truth is, my blog schedule has been getting away from me in the midst of the hustle and preparing for a big launch at Be Vibrant in April. Have I mentioned my new mantra? I can do everything, just not at the same time. I know I’m kind of an overachiever. I know I have soooo many projects that I want to work on (you should see the list that hasn’t made it online yet!), but I am learning to accept that they can’t all happen simultaneously and that the ebb and flow of priorities will touch all areas of my life.

Lesson: Be passionate. Be multipassionate. Have allll the layers. But don’t beat yourself up for not being able to give everything equal attention all of the time.

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I’m off track though. The point of this post is one of those things that HELPS me get all those projects done: the ability to keep everything in one calendar.

I’m going to make my dark confession before I start giving you advice: I don’t keep everything in one calendar. I am still using a paper planner that I sync with my online calendar each week. 

My online calendar has become my primary calendar, but I still keep my regular planner up-to-date for quick reference when I’m out and about (I hate using the Google Calendar app on my phone) and to keep up with short- and long-term goal setting.

That said, unless you have an unyielding love for stationery and planners, do yourself a favor and just use an online calendar. That’s #1 on this list, actually…

#1. Use an online calendar.

I am not an expert on all the possible online calendars, but I’ve used Outlook and Google Calendar, and I prefer Google. Everything integrates with Google Calendar. EVERYTHING. I know some people use others, but for the purposes of this post, we’re talking Google.

#2. Use an online scheduler.

If you need a way for people to schedule calls, meetings, appointments, or other events with you, ditch taking individual phone calls and fielding emails and give them the option to schedule online instead. Automate everything you can.

I’ve tested a number of schedulers and heard reviews of many more from friends who use them. I prefer Calendly above them all. Calendly is clean, easy-to-use, and the company is often upgrading and adding new features to create a better experience.

Calendly integrates with Google Calendar and checks for conflicts in your existing calendar so that you never double book. Have a doctor’s appointment? Add it to your Google Calendar and Calendly will automatically work your calls, meetings, and appointments around it. Easy peasy.

With the free version, you can have one event type, but for $10 a month, you can have unlimited event types.

I have a Calendly account for each business (virtual assistant and massage), they both integrate with the same Google calendar, and it all works together to check for conflicts between my calendar and both biz calendars. It’s a powerful tool.

keep everything in one calendar

keep everything in one calendar

Another neat feature of Calendly is that you can create “secret” events that don’t show up on your main scheduling page. For example, my coffee chats aren’t on the main page, but when I want someone to have coffee with me, I just send them the private link.

#3. Use multiple calendars within Google Calendar.

Did you know you can create multiple calendars in Google Calendar, and they’ll all show up on one page? I have a calendar for each business, one for my personal calendar, and one for my husband’s schedule. (Note: You can set Calendly to check for conflicts in ALL your calendars, or just some.)  You can assign different colors to all of them. It’s a huge help in knowing what’s going on in all areas of areas of your life.

#4.Share calendars with family, friends, colleagues.

In addition to allowing you to create calendars for each person or business, you can share calendars. Your husband can add things to a shared family calendar, or to his own that everyone can view. Each kid can have their own calendar too. I know someone who is teaching her teenage daughter time management by asking her to add all of her activities and events to a shared calendar so that they can coordinate schedules to get her where she needs to go.

You can also share a calendar with employees, colleagues, your besties that you do wine night with. Sharing a calendar with the important people in your life helps reduce miscommunication and poor planning and keeps everyone in the know.

#5. Use task management software that integrates with Google Calendar.

I’m kind of a task management software junkie. I use it for everything – personal projects, communicating with my VA team, and with clients. I just prefer to keep everything in one spot instead of sending 10 emails and attaching images all over the place and sharing endless Google Drive links. I love it so much, I’m planning a whole post around getting more done with task management software.

The thing I love, however, is that both Trello and Asana (my preferred task management systems) integrate with Google Calendar. You can add to-do’s, deadlines, etc. right to your calendar and not have to keep a separate list or app to know where you are in a project.


Trust me, life is easier when everything is in one place! Are you keeping everything in Google calendar or another online calendar? Share your best tips for keeping everything in one calendar in the comments!

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