Want to increase your leads? Grow that email list everyone keeps telling you that you need? I’m going to let you in on a secret…

It’s all about giving away free stuff. No, free stuff doesn’t directly bring you money, but it establishes you as someone who provides value and expertise that people will be willing to pay for – if your free stuff isn’t crap.

That’s really what it boils down to – not giving away crap. I can tell you that I have given my email address for some AMAZING freebies – things that rocked my little business world, like free courses from Fempreneur and resources from By Regina. I’ve watched webinars that changed how I market, like the one I watched on launching from Halley Gray. These women are giving away valuable information that prompts people to take action. Of course, people want to pay for their stuff.

I’ve also given my email for things that made me go, “Oh my God, do I really want this person emailing me all the time?” after I’ve downloaded their free whatever. Their opt-ins were clearly rushed and didn’t provide me with any original content. Don’t be those people.

The instant gratification of a great freebie lets people know that you’re an expert and that you’ve got juicy information to share. It makes them ask the question, “What else?” They want to know what other treasures you’ve got waiting for them, and they just might be willing to pay for them.

If you want to increase leads, here are a few ideas for things to give to you audience that will offer them real benefits.

Give Away Something Physical

Give away something tangible related to your niche. I gave away a Passion Planner last month. It is a tool that I swear by and I wanted to share that with women who read Amber Uninhibited. It has had a positive impact on my life and I believe it can do the same for others. It has value.

You can give away lots of things: gift cards, books, tools. Whatever it is, provide something that’s relevant and will impact the winner’s life.

I use Rafflecopter to host giveaways and have found that it’s an easy and attractive way to get people interacting.

Give Away Information

You’ve all seen info freebies: workbooks, checklists, ebooks, free courses. Everyone gives them away. What will set you apart is giving away the most FANTASTIC info. If you have a blog about homemaking, don’t just give away a checklist of your daily cleaning routine. Expand. Tell them how you do it. Tell them what you do it with. Share products, tips, tricks…get into the MEAT of it.

Ask yourself what your audience needs, then provide something really in-depth. It doesn’t have to be 10 or 20 pages long, but even a one-page opt-in should be impressive.

Give Away Your Time

Your time may be the most valuable thing you have to share. Find a way to give it to people who can use it. Maybe it’s a giveaway for a free coaching session or consultation. Perhaps you ALWAYS do free consultation calls – those have value too. Do a webinar and share both information and time. Find ways to interact one-on-one or in small groups with people who can pick your brain for free. And don’t be afraid of the upsell at the end! You don’t have to pitch and push, just let them know that you offer “x” product or service too and that you think it would help them take the next step.

Increasing leads is harder these days. No one assumes that because you’re a coach or a financial advisor or a mom blogger or whatever that you know what you’re talking about. You have to prove it. Prove that you’re an expert and you have something worthwhile to share, get those emails or face-to-face conversations, then help them take the next step into something with monetary value.


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