Hey boss babes! I’m here to talk to you about having multiple projects and passions this Inspiration Friday…and about why it’s OK not to be inspired all the time! It’s been a rough week, and I’m not holding back with the honesty! I’m also WORN OUT, so pardon the less-than-chic look, haha.

Check out the video below:

It’s great to have multiple projects as long as you have balance and support. Have all the projects! Do what sets your soul alight. Start one thing, build a great structure to support it, then do the next thing that inspires you, and on the flipside, know when it’s time to part ways with a project. Not everything is the right fit forever.

And one other thing I want you to take away today:

It’s OK to have days when you’re tired of working. It’s OK to have days when you’re not inspired, to have blah days. As someone so very wisely once told me, ‘You can’t be one hundred percent one hundred percent of the time.’

Sometimes you just have to let yourself rest and recuperate.

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Have a fantastic weekend!

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