November has been a really inspiring month, and now we’re full swing in the HOLIDAY SEASON. I can’t believe it! This year has been weird and wonderful and I’m going to kick the rest of 2016’s butt so that I can start 2017 with umph. Here are some things that have been inspiring me in November.


inspiration friday

#1. Holiday Shopping

I love giving presents, probably more than I love receiving them. I enjoy the care that goes into choosing the perfect, thoughtful gift for someone and the fun of watching them open it. We aren’t going nuts with presents this year, but I have been enjoying brainstorming ideas for what we are purchasing. My husband is especially fun to shop for, as we both love nerdy things like comics and RPGs and I get to choose gifts within that realm.

#2. NaNoWriMo

I have 5 days to finish my novel for National Novel Writing Month. My word count is a little shaky, and I might not make it, but either way: I wrote most of a freakin’ novel this month. I’m proud of that.¬†Getting back into some hardcore fiction writing has lit my creative fire this month. I plan to edit the rough draft of my novel in December, and hopefully the writer’s workshop I’d been attending will resume in the New Year so that I can share it and get feedback.

#3. Nutritious Food

Ever since we went into baby mode at my house, I’ve been trying to nourish my body even more than usual. I want to be in the best health possible when we start trying, and I’ve been eating extra healthy on top of taking prenatal vitamins. I’ve also begun exercising again after a 4 month break from the gym.

#4. Social Media

My social media has exploded with great connections lately! I’m meeting so many amazing people through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook groups right now. If you haven’t had a chance yet, please connect with me on social media – I’d love to chat and get to know you.

#5. Postcard Swapping

I’ve collected postcards around the world since I was in high school through penpalling, friends who traveled, and Postcrossing. Looking back through old postcards, organizing them, and getting involved in swapping them again has nurtured my love of learning about other cultures and glimpsing little pieces of life abroad.

#6. Socializing Over Coffee

Between online coffee chats, the #Teavolution group on Facebook, my masterminds group, and coffee with friends, I am connecting with so many people over caffeinated beverages lately. It’s been great getting to know other entrepreneurs and connecting with old friends I haven’t seen in awhile.

What’s on your inspiration list this month? What’s got you feeling connected, creative, and excited to finish 2016 with a bang?

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