What is a mastermind group?

If you haven’t heard of mastermind groups, they are groups that meet to help each other in their businesses and their lives. There are a ton of  reasons to join a mastermind group, and it’s been so crucial to improving my business over the past few months that I have to share it with you.

While networking happens in mastermind groups, the focus is really to help each other solve problems, improve business, set goals, and be accountable for those goals.


Mastermind groups can be formal, with topics and agendas or informal chats about what you’re working on.


My in-person mastermind group is the latter type. We meet first thing Monday mornings over coffee and take turns talking about what we accomplished during the week, what our wins and victories for the week were, and what we’re working on in the coming week.

My group is very small and comprised only of women. When problems arise in our businesses or we deal with negative feelings about things like saying “no” to people (over-commitment), changing our marketing direction, or doing something new, we help each other through it. Our meetings are built around brainstorming and encouraging.


I have stopped hating Mondays since I began attending this meeting.


I also belong to an online mastermind group on Facebook. While it has an enormous number of members, it is equally beneficial for me. I can get a broader range of ideas and feedback when I post there.

If you’re interested in joining a mastermind group, talk to other entrepreneurs where you live or search for an online group on Facebook. The one I belong to is called Freedom Hackers and is for free-spirited entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid to go off the beaten path.


why you should join a mastermind group


Can’t find a mastermind group? Start your own! There is info here and here on how to get started and find members.

Mastermind groups can be as small as two people or much, much larger. I prefer a small, intimate group when meeting in person. That way, everyone has time to share, and you really get to know each other.


So why should you join a mastermind group?


For help setting goals and being held accountable for achieving them. To get feedback on new projects and ideas. To brainstorm solutions to problems. To meet like-minded business people. To boost your confidence. And yes, sometimes to network.

Being in a mastermind group has been vital to my business. There is so much potential to learn from others and help each other grow.


Join a mastermind group now!


In the right group, you will be amazed at how much and how rapidly your business develops and evolves.

If you want to connect or have questions about mastermind groups, get in touch with me!




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