Passion Planner Review


I’ve been using the Passion Planner for eight months. I originally found it on Instagram while searching for a great new planner to keep me organized.

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Passion Planner was created by Angelia Trinidad to help people define their goals and dreams, break them down into manageable bites, and track their progress throughout the year.…

To Be Read Tuesday – August 2016

To Be ReadTuesday


The first Tuesday of every month, I’m going to share what I plan to read for the month. Sometimes they’ll be motivational, personal development, or business-related books, but most times I’ve got my face stuck in something fictional! I’m a bookworm through and through, and I read a bit of everything.…

August Goals

Each month, I want to share my goals with you so that you can see what I’m working on. I’ll list a few goals that I want to accomplish during the month, as well as steps I’m going to take to reach them.

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Personal Goals

Pick up German again (I neglected studying through June and July – not good!)

  • Get through part 1 of the B1 Deutsche Welle online course
  • Write down all new vocabulary words and review daily
  • Use those words to create videos each week to practice speaking
  • Practice with a tutor on Italki
  • Continue writing letters to my German and Swiss penpals
  • Goal: At least 30 minutes daily, when I wake up

Start learning Spanish

  • Learn the basics through a combination of books (Living Language, Spanish Made Simple, Spanish Demystified) and podcasts
  • Be able to introduce myself, describe where I come from and what I do for a living, ask simple questions, and engage in polite small talk
  • Use my new words and phrases to create videos of myself speaking each week
  • Be able to speak in the present and past tense by the end of the month
  • Be ready to have my first language exchange with a native speaker at the end of the month
  • Goal: At least 30 minutes daily, in the morning, after German

Figure out my new weekly schedule

  • Figure out how many hours per week I’m spending with each of my virtual assistant/writing clients
  • Keep a set schedule four days per week for my massage clients
  • Schedule set times for free time — I was seriously lacking in work/play balance during July

Read one book per week

  • Also extremely neglected in July.

Goal Setting: A Glimpse of Mine and How to Set Yours

Hello and welcome to my shiny new blog! I want to start this blog off talking about the #1 thing that has helped and is helping me achieve everything that this blog is about: goal setting.

how to set goals

How I Set Goals

I set goals at the beginning of each new year–things I hope to accomplish in the following 365 days–but since I began using Passion Planner, I also set long-term goals and reevaluate my goals mid-year.…