Instead of my usual “what’s inspiring me” list for this month’s Inspiration Friday, I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on 2016 and look forward at what is coming in 2017. Really, the projects I’m working on for next year ARE my inspiration right now. I’m SO PSYCHED for 2017!

This past year has been a whirlwind for me and my family. To be quite honest, our personal life sucked this year. Our family had so many setbacks, hiccups, and unexpected CRAP that messed with us emotionally, physically, and financially. It has been an exhausting 12 months.

Despite that, my career has taken many twists and turns that have been AMAZING and LIFE-CHANGING this year.

First, my massage therapy practice made a significant PROFIT in its 2nd year, which was unexpected. I’m not filling bathtubs with money and taking amazing throw-it-around-like-a-movie money baths, but I made money this year. That is spectacular, as building a steady clientele in semi-rural Pennsylvania has taken, for the massage therapists I know, 3-5 years. I haven’t MADE it, but I’m getting there.

Second, I was fired from a job for the first time EVER at the end of June. I had been working part-time to supplement income from my business and was fired via text message for “problems with management,” three days after someone showed up to inspect a safety hazard, which I reported to OSHA after a coworker was injured and hospitalized.

It turned out to be the best thing that happened to me this year.

In a burst of determination, I refused to return to retail work for minimum wage and, for two weeks, hustled like I had never hustled for anything in my life. I found enough work as a virtual assistant to replace my entire income from the job I’d lost. It went from being a supplemental side income to a full-blown second business that I absolutely love.

I also got into blogging this year, and while I don’t make money from either of my blogs at this point, I hope to in the future, and it’s been great experience for me as a writer. Plus, I’ve been able to connect with awesome women from around the world through my blogs to share our stories, encourage one another, and collaborate.


So what’s on my goal list and plan for 2017?


This month, I established Be Vibrant Business Services, a virtual support business that offers social media management, blog services, virtual assistance, and consulting to inspired entrepreneurs. My next step is to work with a virtual assistant coach to improve my marketing and prepare to have subcontractors working with me later this year. All of this is really exciting for me and will be my major project through summertime.

My massage therapy business will remain active, but may be taking more of a part-time role for a few months while I get everything situated with the other business. Many changes are happening in the massage therapy licensing requirements, education options, and fees in Pennsylvania right now that are very discouraging for a lot of therapists, myself included. I am renewing my massage license for another two years and will reevaluate whether or not it is in my best interest and desire to renew in 2018.

I will continue to blog here at Amber Uninhibited and Autumn on Fox Street. I want to spend more time doing things to increase my traffic here in 2017 and I have an idea for an e-course I want to develop and offer this coming year. I also want to guest post more often. Autumn on Fox Street will remain my fun blog that I post on whenever I have something to share without any kind of pressure to keep a posting schedule.

Thank you all for your support – for reading, sharing on social media, and commenting – throughout 2016. It’s been such a great experience forming connections through this blog!

Connect with me on Twitter and let me know what you’re working on in the New Year with the hashtag #uninhibitedgoals.


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