Side hustling – I love it so much, I think everyone should be doing it! There are so many ways to generate a little extra income here and there, or even make it into a part-time job. My side hustle as a virtual assistant actually grew into a full-time business!

Whether you’re paying for your kid’s activities, saving for vacation, or are having a tough financial time and truly need the extra to pay your bills, side hustling opens up a world of extra funds if you find something you like and can commit your time to.

While there are many types of side hustles you can start, I’m going to focus today on side hustles you can start for less than $100. Being able to make extra income for very little upfront investment is probably the ideal situation for most people.

Most of these can be started with a just a website, and for some of them, you don’t even need that. (Get up to 60% off new hosting with promo code Spring2017 here – affiliate link.) Investing in a few additional tools can help, but isn’t necessary. If you’re looking for affordable tools that can help you manage your side hustle once it’s up and running, try some of these budget resources and a few others here.

P.S. All of these side hustles assume that you already own or otherwise have access to a computer.

Side Hustles You Can Start For Less Than $100


Virtual Assistant

Since I am a virtual assistant, and what is now my virtual assistant company started as a freelance side hustle, this makes the top of my list for inexpensive side hustles. If you’d like to make a go at being a virtual assistant, check out my post on how to get started and this list of services you can offer as a virtual assistant.

You’ll want a website. I recommend Host Gator (see above link) or A Small Orange. They’re my two favorites. Buffer is a program that allows you to schedule social media ahead of time. It’s one of my must-haves. Calendly is an online scheduler that you can utilize to allow clients to schedule calls with you, and it automatically enters it on your Google Calendar. Both have free versions that would work well for a new virtual assistant business.


English Tutor

Now that my business is no longer a side hustle, I have another side hustle: tutoring English for ESL students. I do this through Italki and even with limited hours, I make enough money to fund my own language lessons in German and Spanish. The profile for Italki is free, and I wrote a detailed post here of how to tutor through their website. Italki takes a small percentage of each lesson payment. This side hustle costs absolutely nothing to start!



This is the side hustle I am always hesitant to list because it’s sooooo slow to start making money from a blog. I barely make anything from this blog, and I’ve had it almost a year. There are a number of ways to monetize your blog – through ads, affiliate links, sponsored posts, or selling your own products – but it’s going to take time. You need to build a following, traffic, an email list. However, if you’re patient and in it for the long haul, blogging can be a creative and fun side hustle.


Air BnB

While I have no personal experience with Air BnB, I have a few friends who rented out rooms or second homes and had great experiences with it. It’s free to start renting out space, so you can start this side hustle with no upfront cost. Learn more about renting out your extra space with Air BnB here.


If you’re an expert at something, chances are other people will pay you for your expert opinion and assistance on their projects. It doesn’t matter if you’re good at scrapbooking, marketing, or raising dwarf goats…if there is a market for it where you live or online, you can make a go at consulting.

I consult on time management and productivity as part of my virtual assistant business. If you like helping people and teaching them more efficient ways of doing things, you might make a good consultant.


Printable Designer

You can design all kinds of printables and sell them online – stationery, workbooks, planners, word art. Check out “printables” on Etsy sometime; there are endless possibilities! You can design printables in Canva and Pickmonkey, but if you’re going to be doing them professionally, I recommend Adobe Creative Cloud, which is $50 per month – still under the $100 mark.


There are many, many opportunities to write something under another person’s name. You may think it sounds crappy to write something amazing and let someone else take the credit, but it’s actually really lucrative, and I did quite a bit of it when I started out freelancing.

You can ghostwrite anything from blog posts to ebooks. I started out on Upwork, which is a difficult and often low-paying market, but I did get some experience there. For more on ghostwriting, check out these articles:

How to Become a Ghostwriter

How to Be a Successful Ghostwriter

You don’t even have to pay for word processing software (though I DO love Microsoft Word) because you can save in all sorts of file formats using Google Docs now.


Kindle Publisher

Want to write things AND keep your name on them? Try Kindle publishing. Short ebooks, short stories, recipe books, and how-tos are very popular on Amazon and sell from $.99+. If you are a writer who can write A LOT of these short books and keep up the quality, Kindle publishing may be a good fit for you.

For the most part, you just need a word processor and a website (to market your books) to get started, but you may want to consider additional costs for each book, such as cover design. There are some people on Fiverr who do nice covers for $5+, but typically you get better results if you pay more than the $5 price there. At a glance, many of the ones I found charged around $20 for a premium book cover.



If you like to proofread/edit things – whether it’s articles, fiction, documents – you can have a great side hustle as an editor. This side hustle is a little more difficult to break into, as many people want testimonials, references, or samples, but if you do a few free edits, you can quickly build up credibility.

Learn about the different types of editing and what to charge.

I truly believe there is a side hustle for EVERYONE. This is just a small, affordable sampling of all the options out there.

How are you side hustling? Tell me about it in the comments! <3