A few weeks ago, I talked about my income streams and how I LOVE to side hustle. Not only is a side hustle an extra source of income, but it lets me explore new interests and nurture passions that aren’t directly related to my business.

I have some BIG things happening at Be Vibrant this summer and something huge happening in September here on the blog. This summer is going to involve intense planning and preparation for big events, so I need a few little things that I can squeeze in to earn some extra – for fun, for savings, for date nights – on the side.

This summer, I’m playing STRONG in the side hustle game. I’m going to share my side hustle goals with you in this post. Expect a side hustling income report in August. 🙂

Massage Therapy

The first big change in my businesses this summer is that massage is becoming well…basically a side hustle. For financial and practical reasons, I need to keep on doing massage for awhile, but I realized after a really deep discussion with my business besties a few weeks ago that I’m still committed to my massage practice for all the wrong reasons – reasons like guilt, sentimental attachment, and the fear of other people’s disappointment and perception of failure.

Keeping a massage practice running as a full-fledged business is starting to feel like an anchor…and it’s dragging me down from focusing on my growing virtual assistant biz. I’m committed for another year until my lease at my office is up. Maybe I just need a break. Maybe it’s time to say bye-bye. We’ll see. My goal is to do 5 massages every weekend (Friday-Saturday) through the summer.

English Tutoring

Next, there’s English tutoring. This summer, I’m taking what started as a tiny side hustle to pay for my foreign language lessons and turning it into a larger side hustle to contribute to our summer income. Why? It turns out I really enjoy teaching and I want to build our savings over the next few months. My goal is 5 students per week and to have recurring students who buy packages of lessons.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is next on my list. I made my first Amazon sale this month! That little commission is a BIG motivator. I’ll be using affiliate marketing on this blog and I’ll also be working toward monetizing three niche sites I started building in the spring. Lots to do! For a list of my favorite affiliate programs, check out my resources page.


Freelance writing is sort of falling by the wayside this summer in favor of doing more guest posts and collaborations related to this blog. I may write a few articles for a local website, so will include that in my income report if those opportunities come along.

Get Your Hustle On

What’s your summer side hustle? Don’t have one yet? Start one for under $100. Try blogging. Build a niche site and monetize that thing! Walk dogs or babysit or sell stuff on Facebook. Girl, get your HUSTLE on!

A side hustle is a fun way to bring in some extra bucks over the summer to pay for vacation, ice cream dates, water park visits, or just to save up going into fall.

How are you side hustling this summer? Tweet me.