We all get down on ourselves sometimes. Those negative thoughts creep in to tell us we’re not good enough, smart enough, or capable enough. But if you find yourself stuck in a negative headspace a lot or your feel like your success has plateaued, read on to see if you’re engaging in one of these three habits that might have you sabotaging your success. When we stop self-sabotaging, we can do AMAZING things.

Negative attitude.

A negative attitude will bring you down faster than anything. If you don’t believe in yourself, you can’t find success. Negative thoughts will worm their way in and hold you back, so when you find yourself thinking negatively, stop and consciously turn that thought around.

For example: “I am not smart enough to run my own business.” Turn it around: “I am utilizing my skills to the best of my ability.”

Positive affirmations. Learning from mistakes. The ability to laugh at yourself and smile through difficulties. Practicing gratitude. Learning mindfulness so that you aren’t dwelling in the past or fretting over the future.

These are all ways you can cultivate a positive attitude that will carry you forward toward success.

Putting too much stock in other people’s opinions.

This is where I struggle the most. It’s very easy to get caught up in what other people think about us and our choices, especially if we have people in our lives that are negative and find satisfaction in bringing other people down.

You have to let them go. Even if that means telling yourself out loud, “It’s my choice and I don’t need to worry about what they think.”

Everyone has an opinion. That doesn’t make their opinion right. Be confident in you ability to know what’s best for you.

Too much planning, not enough doing.

Do you find yourself always planning, setting goals, and learning new things, but never putting any of it into practice? You may be sabotaging yourself. This often stems from fear of failure or even fear of success. Failure is scary, but sometimes the commitments and responsibilities that come with success are even more frightening.

Plans and goals are the maps that guide us, but if we never move forward and take the journey, all of our plans are for nothing.

If you’re a planner who wants to become a doer, pick one item from a recent plan or one goal you’ve set – something small – and do it right now. Today. Choose something small because if you fail, chances are no one will notice and you can work out where you went wrong to improve next time. If you succeed, you’ll have the confidence to take on something larger.

Don’t sit around forever saying that you’ll do it someday. Someday has already flown by. Time to take some action!

When you’re feeling like nothing is getting done, you never seem to reach your goals, or you just can’t reach that next level, assess whether or not you have habits that are holding you back. Be a positive influence in the world and your own life. Do your own thing with confidence instead of worrying about what others think. Take action and make things happen. You are amazing, capable, beautiful, and deserve success!

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