It doesn’t matter what kind of business or blog you’re running…if you have a WordPress site, you’ll need plugins.


The best WordPress plugins just make life easier. They’re the little workers of the site that make your website or blog do whatever you need it to do. That’s why I’m giving you the MEGA list of all the WordPress plugins I can live without.

These are WordPress plugins for business, specifically. They are plugins that have helped me with different aspects of setting up business websites, from analytics to client testimonials. Not all of these are appropriate for every type of site, so I’ve divided them into EVERY site plugins and some that I just think makes biz life easier.

For Every Site

This is a complete list of plugins that I install on every single website I create. They’re the backbone plugins that I truly can’t live without.

Backup Guard

Backup Guard is my preferred plugin for running site backups and then exporting the files to a safe place like a USB drive or a cloud.

Brute-Force Firewall

Security. After one of my sites was hacked last summer, I always install a security plugin.

Caldera Forms

Caldera Forms is an easy, drag-and-drop form creator for contact forms, questionnaires, or anything else you need people to fill out on your website.


Anti-spam keeps people from posting spammy junk comments on your pages or posts.

Yoast SEO

Yoast is BRILLIANT for helping with SEO on your site. Even if you are scared of the SEO beast (and it is a monster), Yoast can help you get the basics down with ease.

Ultimate Social Media PLUS

Allows you to create beautiful, custom social media buttons and place them anywhere on your website so that more people can follow you and share your posts on social media.

WordPress Editorial Calendar

I prefer to see my posts in a calendar view, rather than in a list. In WP Editorial Calendar, I can create posts in the calendar and drag and drop them when I need to rearrange.

Google Analytics Dashboard

For integrating Google Analytics with any website.

WP Maintenance Mode

Occasionally, you have to do site maintenance. This plugin lets you create a custom “under maintenance” or “under construction” page that visitors will see while your site is in the works.


For Some Sites

These are other plugins that I love and have used on many websites. They make running a site and/or a blog easier, more fun or more interactive for the people visiting.

Easy Google Fonts

If you’re using a free theme and aren’t satisfied with the theme’s fonts, Easy Google Fonts lets you change them to any of the fonts in Google’s vast library.

Shortcodes Ultimate

If you’ve been using WordPress for awhile, you know what a shortcode is. They’re the little pieces of code you can copy/paste anywhere on the site and they make different stuff happen. Shortcodes Ultimate provides shortcodes that perform numerous tasks, such as creating:

  • attractive buttons people can click
  • advanced embedded videos
  • special font appearances
  • templates
  • page tabs
  • tables
  • cool, icon-bulleted lists like this one

WordPress Popular Posts

This is a great plugin for bloggers or people who want to drive attention to certain posts or pages on their website. Popular Posts displays just that – your most popular posts. You can decide what “popular” means in the settings – the number of views, comments, etc.

Better Click to Tweet

Better Click to Tweet creates those nice boxes people can tweet directly from your site.

WP Testimonials

If you want to display client testimonials on your site, you need an attractive way to do it. The free version is a bit limited but still has nice options. The premium version (affiliate link) is totally customizable and what I use on my virtual assistant site.

Blogger / Amber Uninhibited

"Your service was BEYOND excellent."

I had never worked with this type of service before, and I was skeptical that it could help my business. The staff at Sample Service Company were helpful and explained the details of their services, as well as the benefits for my business. Now that I've tried their services, I can't imagine running my business without them!


Want to start your own affiliate program for your products – digital or physical? This is THE best plugin for creating an affiliate program through WordPress. Everything is customizable and it’s super simple to set up. The price tag is a bit hefty at $99, but this is one plugin I don’t regret investing in. I got mine on sale for $20 off, so watch their site for updates.


Got a team that works behind-the-scenes at your business? Build a nice team page to show them off! I use AWSM team on my sites.

Easy Pricing Tables

This plugin from Fatcat Apps allows you to set up pretty pricing tables on your site to compare packages, products, or services. You can link them to a shopping cart through something like Woocommerce so people can purchase directly through your site.


Different kinds of opt-ins are best for different sites, whether it’s a popup, a welcome mat, a top bar or something else entirely. SumoMe has them all and it has them all for free.

What are your favorite WordPress plugins for business? What plugins can you NOT live without? Link me in the comments – I’d love to take a look!

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