Guest Post Guidelines

Want to guest post on Amber Uninhibited? One of my favorite things about blogging is collaborating with other women to share their unique voices with the world. If you have a great idea for a post, consider guest blogging here!

Here is what I’m looking for:

Original, well-written posts about:

  •  Business and entrepreneurship for women
  • Working at home
  • Side hustling
  • Planning, organizing, planners, bullet journaling
  • Time management and productivity
  • Passionate business
  • Being multipassionate (having many passions and interests, rather than one life’s purpose or calling)
  • Creating a life that excites and inspires you
  • Breaking away from the 9-5 world
  • Similar topics

Blog posts should be fun, conversational, and inspirational. This is a blog for passionate business women whose work sets their soul on fire! All formats are welcome – lists, stories, how-to’s, etc.

I’m not picky about word count – use however many it takes to bring your post to life – but somewhere between 800-2000 is ideal.

Images are totally optional, but if you include images, they should be owned by you or copyright-free.

I cannot pay guest posters at this time. However, you may link to your own content within the post AND you may include one affiliate link (with a proper affiliate disclaimer). Please also include an author byline with a link to your website and to one social media account, and a photo, if you’d like to include one.

You are the owner of this work and may republish it elsewhere .

I may suggest edits or reformat it before publishing. If you could format it with headings and bullet points, that would be extra awesome.

Email me and let’s kick around ideas!